Waste Management

The SYCEO offers several waste diversion and disposal services to the Chumash community and Tribal Administration operations.

Government and Health Clinic Operations

A major focus of the SYCEO is the reduction of waste and diversion of waste from the landfill. The Environmental Office supplies the Tribal Office with recycling bins as well as compost bins for organics. Furthermore, the office provides collection and disposal services for the Tribal Offices and the Health Clinic for e-waste items such as batteries, cell phones, and fluorescent lights. Since August 2010, government and health clinic operations have diverted 1,562 lbs of e-waste from the landfill with assistance from the SYCEO.

Hazadous and e-Waste

As much as 90% of hazardous and e-waste ends up in the landfill, causing major environmental harm to water supplies and surrounding land. Hazardous waste is defined as materials that contain toxic substances and includes common items such as batteries, cleaning products, automotive fluids, fluorescent bulbs, and more.  E-Waste, or electronic waste, is defined as devices that require electricity to operate and include common items such as toasters, cell phones, computers, etc.  These items usually require special collection and disposal events. The SYCEO offers e-waste collection services for the Tribal Government, Health Clinic, in addition to information about collection events in the area. To learn more about upcoming collection events for Santa Barbara County, visit Less Is More.