Waste Resources

SYCEO Waste Resources

Waste, trash, garbage – whatever you call it, is a major issue that faces every business, household, organization, and government. Understanding how to properly reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of used items is something everyone deals with. Whether it is deciding what bin to throw your coffee cup in or knowing where to drop off used batteries. The SYCEO offers assistance and resources to help effectively deal with that waste.

The SYCEO offers several services related to waste management. Our efforts are focused on reducing materials used in production and encouraging the reuse and recycling of other materials.

Zero Waste

In 2011, the SYCEO began offering Zero Waste services for Tribal Government, Educational and Cultural events. The service includes the collection, sorting and reporting of the waste diversion.

Recycling and e-Waste Disposal

SYCEO staff has ensured that all administrative office space;  including copy rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms and the kitchen, contain recycling bins. There are also containers for organic compost, as well as cooking oil disposal. SYCEO also provides battery and cell phone recycling.


The SYCEO implements composting of food scraps and other biodegradable materials at the Tribal Office and Learning Center for use in their gardens. Composting is another way the SYCEO is diverting waste from entering the landfill.