Natural Resources

The SYCEO seeks to preserve and protect the natural landscape on the Santa Ynez Chumash Reservation.
  • Water monitoring: We monitor water quality in the Zanja de Cota Creek and the groundwater aquifers beneath the Reservation.
  • Wetlands: The Santa Ynez Chumash Reservation encompasses an extensive and diverse array of aquatic and terrestrial habitat. These aquatic resources include the perennial flowing Zanja de Cota Creek, the underlying Santa Ynez Upland Groundwater Basin, and a unique composition of freshwater forested and shrub wetlands.
  • Habitat Restoration: Our restoration project span over the entire reservation. The SYCEO removes invasive plants that harm ecosystems and native vegetation. In its place, we plant native, drought-tolerant plants that stabilize banks and increase flood protection. We also organize¬†community clean-up events both on and off the Reservation, namely along and in the Creek, as well as at local beaches.
  • Sustainable Landscaping at Tribal Hall:¬†We copleted restored the Tribal Hall and Tribal Health Clinic landscaping to reflect more native and culturally important plant species. The resulting landscape demands significantly less water and looks amazing as well.
All of the work that the SYCEO does to protect local wildlife and habitat is aimed at preserving plant and animal species and landscapes that have been part of the Chumash culture for thousands of years!