Chumash Community Energy Program

Building Energy Performance Improvements and Green Jobs Training

The SYCEO started the Chumash Community Energy Program (CCEP) in 2011 to offer green jobs training and building performance assessments and upgrades. The Chumash project was one of the few selected for funding under the EPA’s Climate Showcase Communities grant program.

Home energy performance thermal testThe CCEP goals are:

  • Job training, certification, and paid apprenticeships in building performance and solar installation work for up to 60 eligible tribal community members.
  • Provide discounted energy efficiency retrofits and solar installations for eligible tribal community homeowners.
  • Provide upgrades to three tribal commercial buildings.


We have paid training opportunities in building performance assessments, upgrades, and solar installations. If you are interested in joining our CCEP Trainee Program contact Lars Davenport at 805.688.7997 ext. 4107, or


Tribal community members interested in cutting utility bills, improving indoor air quality and comfort, and/or reducing your home’s impact on the environment can contact Lars to learn more about the assessments we offer.

We provide free building energy performance assessments that look into:

  • how well your home is insulated (are you loosing heat or cool air too quickly?)
  • how well your home is ventilated (are you getting enough fresh air?)
  • how efficient your appliances and lights are (are you using too much electricity?)

We also provide building performance upgrade assistance on the following:

  • coordinating contractor quotes
  • reviewing available rebates and financing options
  • providing trainees to reduce the cost of improvements

If you would like to learn more, contact contact Lars Davenport at 805.688.7997 ext. 4107, or