Energy Resources

SYCEO Energy Resources and Projects  

The Chumash Environmental Office has implemented several energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are utilizing alternative energy technologies for use on governmental buildings, improving energy efficiency for community residents and offering job training in this growing sector.

Learn more about our different energy resources and projects and see how you can lower the carbon footprint of your home or office.

Chumash Community Energy Program

The SYCEO Community Energy Program offers local job training, certification, and paid apprenticeships in building performance and solar installation work. In addition, this program will provide discounted energy efficiency retrofits and solar installations for eligible tribal community homeowners, both on- and off-reservation. This project is funded by the EPA's Climate Showcase Communities grant program.

Solar Projects

We are fortunate in the Santa Ynez Valley to have no shortage of sun. We're utilizing solar photovoltaic systems on tribal buildings and residences that generate electricity from the sun's rays. In addition, our team is training interested individuals in how to install these solar systems. Next time you are out in front of the Tribal Hall or the Health Clinic look up and you will get a glimpse of the 56kW solar PV system.

Building Efficiency

The most effective solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in buildings is to reduce energy use. The SYCEO is assessing building operations, systems, and performance to make sure that residences and tribal buildings are operating at their best, resulting in utility savings and healthier indoor environments.