Community Outreach

Working with the Community

Working with the Chumash community is at the core of all the SYCEO does. We support several events throughout the year that revolve around community and environmental betterment. Our annual events include an Earth Day event at Jalama Beach in April and a Reservation Cleanup in the Fall. We also put on several workshops on various topics and other events throughout the year. Check out our event calendar or our events page to learn more about our upcoming activities and workshops!

Chumash Community Garden

In 2012, the SYCEO team, lead by Carmen Sandoval, developed the first Chumash Community Garden. The garden is intended to be a demonstration of sustainable gardening techniques and expand the knowledge and pallet through the plethora of vegetables and fruits grown there. An additional community garden was completed in later 2012 at the newly constructed Learning Center to supplement the community's youth after school programs.