Chumash BioFuel Program

Out of the Fryer and Into Your Truck WVO biofuel Chumash Station**Note: This program was sun-setted in the Fall of 2015.** The Chumash Casino Resort with its five restaurants uses a substantial amount of vegetable based cooking oil every single day. So what happens to that cooking oil once it is finished being used to make delicious meals for Resort guests? Well thanks to the Chumash BioFuel Program this “Waste Vegetable Oil” (WVO) is now collected, processed and made available to “Program” participants at our Chumash BioFuel Station as an alternative to diesel fuel. Through this program the Chumash are using a local renewable resource to fuel vehicles instead of a finite resource (petroleum based oil) that is often times imported from foreign countries. Another benefit is that WVO fuel is substantially cheaper than the current price of diesel fuel. Participation in the Chumash BioFuel Program can save you $1,000’s in fuel costs every single year. Not only are you saving money, you are also saving the environment through reduced tail pipe emissions and reduced transportation and processing environmental impacts associated with diesel fuel.

How Does A WVO Fuel System Work?

Biofuels Schematic Operation of each WVO fuel system is slightly different but the basic operation is essentially the same.
  1. Start your vehicle on normal diesel fuel.
  2. As your engine heats up the engine coolant also heats up and flows through a heat exchanger in your WVO fuel tank. This heats your WVO fuel preparing it to run in your engine.
  3. After a few minutes of operation the driver flips a switch (automated if included in your system) and you begin running on WVO fuel.
  4. Drive normally on WVO. There is no noticeable difference in operation between WVO and diesel.
  5. A few miles/minutes prior to parking the vehicle for the evening or an extended period of time (3+ hours) switch the vehicle back to normal diesel. This purges your fuel lines, fuel filters and fuel injectors with diesel so you are ready to go next time you start up.

How To Participate in the Chumash BioFuel Program

Interested in oil from the Chumash Biofuel Program? Contact Kelly for more information. More information about conversion kits and biofuel More information about vehicles eligible for biofuel conversion