Learn to Build Earthen Homes with the SYCEO

Learn to Build Earthen Homes with the SYCEO

Build and live in an inexpensive, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe Earthen Home on the Reservation!* Chumash Community Members are invited to learn more about Earthen Homes at Spirit Pine Sanctuary on Figueroa Mountain, 25 minutes from the Reservation. Spirit Pine Sanctuary is a working model of sustainable off-the-grid living adjacent to the Los Padres National Forest.

 Learn how to build an Earthen Home through a series of FREE workshops led by Betty Seaman and Tautacho Muhuawit between April 5th and April 20th.

Are you interested in learning how to live independent from unhealthy homes and high power bills on the Reservation? Chumash Community Members are invited to join us for an Earthen Home Open House on April 12th or April 19th to learn more about the benefits of natural living and the earthen building process, and get your hands dirty if you want!

Learn to Build an Earthen Home: April 5-April 8: Site, Design and Foundations Workshop April 9-April 16: Basic Cob Mixes, Construction, Doors and Windows Workshop April 17-April 20: Roofing and Countertops Workshop Additional topics include: Floors, composting toilets, Rumford fireplaces, cob ovens, wood stoves. Earthen Home Open House: April 12 & 19th Free to a limited number of attendees.   To RSVP for the workshops and/or the Open House or for more information, call or e-mail Lindsey Sarquilla: or (805) 691-1309. Please share this announcement with interested Chumash Community Members!  *Building an Earthen Home off the Reservation may not be feasible due to local building codes 


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