About the Zanja de Cota Creek

Chumash Zanja De Cota CreekThe Zanja De Cota Creek (ZDC) is a perennial stream that meanders 1 ½ miles through the Chumash Reservation before discharging into the Santa Ynez River ½ mile south of the Reservation boundary. Originating from a natural underground spring in Santa Ynez Park the ZDC is one of only a half dozen streams west of Lake Cachuma to have flowing water year round. It is this constant source of water that has resulted in lush riparian vegetation consisting of dense willow strands, black walnuts, California blackberry, and many others. This abundance of plants has created the perfect habitat for a number of animals such as frogs, birds, deer, coyotes, fish, and even an occasional mountain lion or bobcat.